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security fencing Gate Bypass Switch

The GDGBS Gate Bypass Switches provide the facility to disable the sensor in the area of a gate to allow the gate to be operated without generating an alarm. They are available in two versions, either the GDGBS-A/C which is a locally key operated switch or the GDGBS-B/D which is remote relay operated switch powered by 12V dc signal. Refer to the sensor installation manual QA189 for further details. 1. Terminate the ends of the sensor as described in Section 2. 2. Loosen the glands on the box and pass the sensor and feeder cable ends into the box so sufficient length is available on the tails to be wired into the terminal blocks. Refer to Figures 6 and 7 to determine which terminals, i.e. the small rectangles on the PCBs when the cables end, require to be configured with either Alpha Sensor or GQFC-9 dead cable. Figure 7 shows the Gate Bypass Switch on a single leaf or sliding gate and Figure 8 shows it on a double leaf or sliding gate. In both figures the Sensor is the thick solid line and the feeder cable is the thick chain dotted line. Tighten the glands by hand so that the rubber sealing ring grips the outer jacket and not the tails. 3. Position the boxes just above the line of the sensor to allow rain water to run away from the glands and fix to the fence using the mounting kit GDGBS GATE BYPASS SWITCHES 10 Figure 7 provided. The mounting bar is located across the diagonals of the box and is fixed in place by dropping the screws provided into the large holes at the corner of the box and screwing these into the mounting bar placed on the other side of the fence. If fixing the box to a wall or other solid surface the mounting bar can be dispensed with and the box fitted directly to the surface with appropriate fixings. 4. Connect the sensor tails to the terminal blocks on the PCB. 5. Replace the box lids, taking care not to over tighten the lid screws and verify that the tamper switch in each box operates by listening for the click of the switch action as the lid is screwed down. In order to attain a weatherproof seal the lid must be replaced with the correct orientation, i.e. with the chamfered edges vertical. 

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