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Anti Climb Rollers:

Vandgard Rotating Anti Climb Guard rolls away aggression without intent to harm.

Unlike broken glass or razor wire, which can form mantraps, or impaling fence spikes which are often illegal and can also present a dangerous hazard to employees working overhead or nearby, Vandgard Anti-Climb is not designed with intent to cause serious harm. It's rotating action creates an unstable barrier which rolls if anyone attempts to climb over it. Visually it is a clear warning in itself and so does not contravene either the Health or Safety at Work Act, COSHH regulations or any other civil or criminal laws.

Vandgard Anti-Climb is the most effective anti-climbing security available.

Vandgard holds the patent of the first non-injurious anti-climb security. Our "anti-climb fencing" solutions will effectively deter any opportunist intruder, but legally, without the liability you might otherwise incur if you hurt them in the process.

Vandgard safely and surely rolls away aggression and crime from your property in compliance with all applicable laws.

Our Anti-Climb applies to all situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely and particularly where Public Liability legislation applies. Vandgard is also useful in environmentally sensitive areas where an inoffensive appearance is important. Examples include commercial and industrial sites, schools, vehicle parking areas, domestic, sports and leisure areas.

If you were searching for "security fencing", or our well known "rotating spikes", "roller fences" or "rotating fences", search no longer. Vandgard's Anti-Climb security comes in two options: Vandgard Anti-Climb and Vandgard Roller Barrier. Both products are used with different specifications in mind: commercial and industrial sites, care centers, institutes and much more. If you're in doubt about which product is best for your project, ask our chat or call us today at +44 (0) 17 9722 9872

Vandgard Anti-Climb

Vandgard Anti-Climb is robust security fencing and a defence for all situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely.Particularly where public liability legislation applies. It's complete for easy site assembly and ideal for use on gates, fences and low walls, or roofs windows and alleyways.

Vandgard Roller Barrier

Too large to get a grip on, the 115mm Vandgard Roller Barrier's diameter tumblers rotate freely and independently on the shaft to form an unstable barrier that’s difficult to climb over, yet won’t cause injury. With black or green roller barrier and a range of brackets to choose from, it's an off the shelf solution for almost any project.

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